Thursday, December 12, 2013

the Proven Healer!

Since the Proving Grounds came out I've been slowly doing the achievements as I had time, but the last two weeks the only one I had left for healing was the endless (30 waves) and I finally got it done yesterday on my shaman!!!

Around wave 26 I starting getting nervous and excited and the adrenaline was rushing and I couldn't even scream because Izzy had just gotten home from work and dropped dead on the bed lol.

So here is Rhyannon proudly showing off the title she earned!

Makes me realize that I'm a way better shaman than a monk and have every intention of going back to her come Warlords of Draenor. I would do it now, but she's only at a 516 ilvl and Kaliapy is at 557 and my raid team would probably kill me if I tried to gear out Rhy when we're already on Garrosh. That's ok though, this little break has only made me realize how much I LOVE playing her and how well I know how to play the class. So come Warlords you will be seeing a lot more of her :D

I'll try my best to make a post in the next few days on how I did the proving grounds on her while it's still fresh in my mind for anyone that is interested.

Good luck to all the healers out there trying, keep at it, it's worth the trouble, I promise!


  1. Gratz!

    I've promised myself to get this achievement but at some point got so frustrated with it that somehow forgot the whole thing. Going to give it another try now.

    1. Thank you, and good luck! Let me know how it goes :) I went ahead and wrote up that guide, hopefully it will help someone out there get their title!